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Don't throw away the baby wipe box. Buy  just the refills and pop into the used wipe box.
Baby Wipes Creative Recycling
Empty boxes make great storage containers:

 A-disks, Sanitary  pads, first-aid kit for the car or boat   

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Set aside a drawer orextra plugs and cords box for all those extra plug-in cords. Store each cord in a tube from the cling wrap or toilet roll tube. Label each one.

Food Storage

Wrap celery in aluminum foil for longer storage.
Over-ripe bananas (in the skin) can be popped into the freezer, take out as many as you need to mash for baking

Store garlic in paper bag or ceramic jar in cool, dry spot (not in the fridge)

Store unwashed lettuce in the fridge,  in Tupperware lettuce keeper or plastic bowl covered with plastic wrap
and it should keep longer (3-4 wks)

Frozen food thawed in the refrigerator takes longer to thaw but it is safe to refreeze it without cooking.

Store large bags of flour in your freezer to prevent bugs

Buy or pick berries in season and freeze on cookie trays, then put frozen fruit into portion sized freezer bags , be sure to mark bags with date and contents

Repackage meats before freezing, take out of original container and wrap tightly with cling wrap then cover package with foil, label with contents and date

Put any leftovers in clean containers and refrigerate within two hours, mark container with contents
  Don't throw out citrus peel - shred with potato peeler and store in freezer, add to drinks, cakes or muffins

Freeze the cooking water from potatoes and vegetables, use in soups and stews

Use leftover rice in stirfrys or add to puddings for a quick rice pudding dessert

Leftover coffee can be frozen in cubes and used as flavoring in baked goods or as a base for a latte

Wrap left-over pancakes and waffles individually and freeze, pop into toaster for quick snacks or breakfasts

Put leftover gravy into heavy ziplock bag and store flat in the freezer. Easy to use reheat in the microwave or drop in boiling water

Sour milk can be frozen and added to recipes that call for buttermilk

Leftovers should be used up within two or three days

Keep one shelf in the fridge just for leftovers so they don't get lost

Fresh herbs will last longer if you put them into small tart/muffin tins, add water and freeze, pop the frozen 'herb muffin' into your soups or stews 

SubstitutesSave Money
Thinly slice a banana, beat with 1 egg white until stiff as a substitute for whipped cream

Instead of using oil to fry hamburger, sprinkle the pan with salt

Use pureed prunes in place of the oil called for in recipest

Buy day old bread and freeze extras

Mix 7/8 cup of vegie oil with 1/2 tsp salt to use for a cup of butter

3/4 cup of honey is the same as a cup of sugar

1 garlic clove = 1/8 tsp garlic powder 

Save all bread crumbs, crusts and ends, cut into squares, toast in oven and freeze to use in stuffings

Pulverize white suger in the blender to use if you run out of icing sugar

 Don't ever give exact change, at the end of the day take all your change and put it in a piggie bank or jar then roll up your coins when jar is full and bank it

Learn which cartons, cans and bottles are  returnable for cash, always  return them, save up until you have enough to bank

Small lottery winnings of a few dollars can add up, so bank all wins

Use coupons, but pay for all your groceries so the cashier can refund your coupon savings in change, then bank it

Instead of buying them, borrow magazines from the library


Cleaning Tips
Creative Recycling  
Pour half of every bottle of store bought cleaning solution into a clean spray bottle, fill both bottles with water so you have twice as much

Place masking or duct tape over lipstick stain on fabrics, rip off, dab off any residue with talcum powder

Wrap duct tape around your hand, sticky side out, wipe furniture and clothing to remove pet hair

Pre-treat 'ring around the collar'
by rubbing shampoo into the stain before washing

Tie the foot of old pantyhose over the end of a wet vac and remove the water from the aquarium without picking up all the gravel

Use cardboard tubes from paper towels or wrapping paper on the end of your vacuum cleaner's crevice tool to get into really hard to reach spots

Make your own baby wipes by cutting paper towels to fit an empty wipe container. Soak with equal parts of baby oil, baby shampoo and a half cup, or so, of water

Cut an old shower curtain to fit over the car windshield, sew a few flat magnets  along the edge and corners so in freezing weather you can thow it over when parked outside to keep from having to scrape the window

Cut the waistband off old panty hose and use as big elastic bands to hold plastic kitchen garbage bag in place

Used leftover tea to water your plants

Use strong tea to dye light-colored nylons

Use net onion bags as scrub pads
Can't bear to part with those outgrown, special, little kids clothes? Take a picture then use them as stuffing in pillows