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Household Paper Management 101

Course length: Four Weeks
Fee:$189.00 US
Recommended book: At Your Fingertips by Denise Dale and Alexandra Bradley

This book is not a prerequisite for the course. I do think it will help you as it is the best book I've seen on setting up a good household paper management system and well worth the investment.


Your filing system is non-existent or your papers are stored on every counter, table and flat surface in your home. You keep losing important papers, you can't find phone numbers when you need them, you miss bill payments because you pile the bill statement and it gets lost in the shuffle and you are stressed, frustrated and tired of the mess. If you're reading this, you've taken the first step to getting your household paper under control and putting an end to your frustration..

During your four week course, you will work with Professional Organizer, Judy Brown - an expert in records management. At the conclusion of this workshop, you will have catagorized and sorted the paper you have now, will know what you can safely throw out and you will set up a system to manage the papers you need to keep.

This workshop will consist of four lessons. Each lesson will include online course content and related reading assignments, along with a practical homework assignment specifically related to your own paper problem. During the course you will have access to a private client message board where you are encouraged to post questions and discuss the course work with Judy and meet other students. You will enjoy working on your paper problem with others who are going through similar frustrations.

Please Note

Be sure you are signing for a time when you can set aside, at least, five or six hours a week to work on this project. That should be ample time for you to read through the course material in each lesson and work for an hour a day on your paper purging and organizing. That is not a firm daily time estimate, you may not have to work everyday and there may be some days you choose to work on your project for a longer period of time, or for fewer hours and that is fine, it is up to you. I just want you to be aware that it will take a time committment on your part in order to succeed.

Registration and Payment

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