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Helpful Kid Stuff

The Better Behavior Wheel

Hang it in the kitchen and spin the wheel instead of getting upset.

A great tool to teach children that actions are chosen and there are consequences to every decision made.
The Better Behaviour Wheel for Kids
An  easy way to solve discipline problems  where the kids choose the consequences. Great tool to teach children to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Organize a Personal Health Record for Your Family
Your Family Health Records in one handy software program!

Health Frame

A must have for the modern family: keep track of  visits to the dr. , keep a record of your children's immunizations,  medications and start your own journal on  family diet, health, fitness and wellness.

Organize your family's Health Records the easy way!

 Making the Most of What You've Got

by Judy Brown

How much 'stuff' do we need in our lives? I'm talking about the gadgets, ornaments and clothing that you own but don't use frequently. If you have been getting rid of things you don't need and getting started with your household organizing, you may be tempted to fill up the empty spaces with newer 'stuff'

Before you go and buy anything, see if there are things you already own that you aren't making full use of. Could you use what you already have to suit another purpose? Are there things that are looking a little shabby that you could spruce up with a coat of paint or a good scrubbing?

I make my own cleaning solutions with simple household ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. I do keep some commercial sprays around for disinfecting in the bath and kitchen but I get twice as much use from my spray cleaner by pouring half of it into another spray bottle and filling it up with water. It still cleans and disinfects but I get two for the price of one.

I re-use the plastic bags from the grocery store for all sorts of things. I also have two cloth bags that I keep in the car to put things like books, pens and anything loose in the car that I pick up in my travels. Then I only have to carry the bag into the house. Since I have been keeping these bags in the car, I find it easier to keep the car tidy.

Recycling disposable materials such as boxes, plastic bags, paper are the obvious things you can reuse if you know how. For ideas on how to re-use these common ordinary products to suit another purpose there is a long list of good ideas here: Creative Recycling

When you do buy things, try to buy the best you can afford. Good quality items last longer and lend themselves well to re-selling when you want to get rid of them.

Before getting rid of anything, take a good look at it to see if you can adapt it to another use. Here is a good site with many tips for making the most of what you have by giving you ideas of what else you can do with it.

I like to re-use things like dryer sheets, those little things that take out the static cling in you clothing. I tuck one in a plastic bag in my purse in the winter and use it to wipe down my slacks if I find them clinging to my leg. Works on my hair too if it starts getting that fly away look. Not sure if that is good for it or not but it hasn't started falling out yet.

For the mother of all sites that will give you ideas for alternate uses for common everyday things you have to go see Joe Green's Wacky Uses.Com

Make the most of what you already own. Clean it, repair it or use it for a different purpose. The next time you are tempted to go and buy something new, see if you already have something you can make do with. It is challenging to try to come up with ideas for other uses. It gets to be a bit addictive after awhile. If you have friends or family members that will brainstorm with you, it is really amazing what you can come up with. You'll save money and have fun too.

Copyright © 2001 Judy Brown