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A great tool to teach children that actions are chosen and there are consequences to every decision made.
The Better Behaviour Wheel for Kids
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A must have for the modern family: keep track of  visits to the dr. , keep a record of your children's immunizations,  medications and start your own journal on  family diet, health, fitness and wellness.

Organize your family's Health Records the easy way!

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 Managing Your Household 'Office Central'

by Judy Brown

  •  Instead of using an address book, use a rolodex or box with index cards. You can write all needed details on the back of the card and when detail or addresses change, just make a new card and toss the old one out.  Keep business cards in a box in the drawer, staple the ones you will refer to often right onto a card in your rolodex. Transfer numbers into your pocket phone book ASAP. Toss out cards that you KNOW you won't use or no longer need.
  •  Use the back of any business letters for scrap paper, you can use it in your printer to print info off the net, you can also use it for notepads if you have several pieces , cut in quarters, staple them together and leave by the phone.
  •  Do your banking by internet or telephone, don't stand in line ups at the bank. You can pay bills by net banking or set up a telephone bill payment feature at most local banks. You don't need to worry about cheques or stamps etc. and can do it anytime of the day or night. You can also print out your records, make a loan and check your account balances.
  •  Check at the bank to see if they have a financial planner, many banks offer a free consultation. Might be a good idea to get some advice on setting up your budget and investment portfolio. Don't think that because you are young and working that you don't need to think about retirement. Start thinking about your future NOW!
  •  Get some scrap material and make a mail bag...this hangs on your doorknob or near your desk. As soon as you have something ready to mail out, put it in the bag. Take the bag along the next time you go out and drop everything into the mailbox. If you need to go to the post office to have a parcel weighed or get registered mail....replenish your stamp and envelop supplies and then pop everything right into your mailbag.
  •  NEVER buy stamps a few at a time. Buy a roll of 100 postage stamps, you'll always have one handy when you need it.
  •  Buy pre stamped envelopes at the post office, they are usually cheaper than buying the stamps and envelopes separately. Then you just have to address and send.
  •  Make labels for addresses that you write to often or for people you send cards to every year.
  •  Check print shops for pads of inexpensive paper, often comes in various bright colours and is handy for scratch pads and children's projects.
  •  Buy a supply of nice postcards. While watching tv or in a free moment, put stamps on them (usually cheaper than the regular letter ones) when you need to send a thank you or just a hello note, it's much easier to remember if you have a card all stamped and ready to go, just add your comments and put into your mailout bag!
  •  Have a stamp made up with your name and address on it, use when addressing envelopes or signing letters. Also handy to stamp your books, so if you lend one it is clearly marked.
  •  Get an accordion file for each child to keep their own paperwork in. Show them how to file and let them keep track of their own "important papers" i.e.: report cards, school papers etc. Children's artwork can make nice placemats. Check out the office supply stores where you can laminate them in sets of four and give to grandparents as gifts, the kids love these for themselves too.
  •  Use a central message centre with a wipe off calendar, have each person add their activities to it so everyone knows where to look for a reminder.
  •  Set up a gift wrapping section in your office central, buy wrap and ribbon on sale for all occasions, as well as a selection of cards and you'll never waste time and money running around at the last minute when giving a gift.
  •  Everyone likes to receive cards, remember to send cards by assigning one day a month either at the end or the beginning to prepare your cards. Check your rolodex or phone book for anyone having an occasion for card sending in the next month. Prepare all the cards for that month and mail them out at the beginning of the month, they may not receive them on the exact date of the birthday or anniversary but they will be touched that you remembered and you won't realize two days after the event that you forgot to send the card!
  •  Make up master copies of letters you frequently send out. Then it's only a matter of changing the address and personal comment section to personalize it.
  •  Store string for packaging in an clean plastic berry basket, just thread the string out the side and cut off what you need, you can also mount it on the wall if you want.
  •  Use paper grocery bags to wrap parcels for mailing, just cut down one side and turn so the inside is out. Cut to fit and address with a felt pen.
  •  If you're out and want to remember something just call your answering machine at home, leave a message with the details to remind yourself when you get home.
  •  Paying bills by phone or PC? You don't need the return envelopes included with your bill so use for other things you mail out. Just put an address label on a strategic spot on your letter that will fit the window on the envelop and put one on the outside over the return address with your own address on it. Saves using one of your own envelopes!
  •  Photocopy all the contents of your wallet, front and backs of your credit cards and keep two copies. Give one to a trusted friend and put one in your important paper files. Then, if you lose your purse, you'll have all the information needed to cancel your cards and re-apply for your licenses etc. If you are away from home, and this occurs, you can get your copy faxed to you by your friend. Well those are just some of the ideas you can try to get your 'Office Central' organized.
Copyright © 2001 Judy Brown