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Household Document Retention

What to keep and what you can trash

Keepers: Current Active Papers

At the beginning of the year, purge your files and start your new year right by transferring the paper and files from the previous year to a concluded file or your current/inactive file storage area. Here is a general list of what will go into your current file storage area. If you've moved the older files from last year to the current but inactive area you should be starting out with a relatively clean or empty set of file folders.

  1. Receipts of Expensive Items Not Yet Paid For
  2. Tax Receipts
  3. Unpaid Bills
  4. Current Paid Bill Receipts
  5. Current Bank Statements
  6. Current Cancelled Checks
  7. Income Tax Working Papers
  8. Employment Records
  9. Health Benefit Information
  10. Credit Card Information (folder for each account)
  11. Insurance Policies
  12. Copies of Wills
  13. Family Health Records
  14. Service Contracts and Warranties
  15. Receipts of Items Under Warranty
  16. Miscellaneous Receipts (charitable donations etc)
  17. Inventory of Safe Deposit Box (and key)
  18. Loan Statements
  19. Loan Payment Books

Keepers: Inactive But Current Files

  1. Photocopies of important documents (master list)
  2. Appliance Manuals
  3. Years' Bank Statements
  4. 3 Years' Cancelled Checks
  5. 3 Years' Medical Bills and Receipts
  6. Education Information

Papers Over 3 Years Old

   1. Retirement Information
   2. Education Information
   3. Tax papers and returns

Keepers: Important Documents

Any documents that are not easily replaceable should be kept in a fireproof box or, in your safety deposit box at the bank. Make photocopies of any documents you may want to have on hand and file the copies in an appropriate section of your household filing system.

Safe Deposit Box

   1. Birth Certificates
   2. Citizenship Papers Passports
   3. Marriage Certificates
   4. Adoption Papers
   5. Divorce Decrees
   6. Wills
   7. Death Certificates
   8. Deeds and Land Titles
   9. Titles to Automobiles or other motor vehicles
  10. Household Inventory
  11. Military Records
  12. Bonds and Stock Certificates
  13. Legal Contracts

Trash - Any Records No Longer Needed

   1. Salary Statements (after doing taxes)
   2. Cancelled Checks for Cash or Nondeductible Expenses
   3. Expired Warranties (trash when warranty expires, give to buyer when    item is sold if the warranty is transferable or trash upon sale)
   4. Insurance Documents (Upon Expiry unless there is an active claim or    question about a claim)
   5. Coupons After Expiration Date